TNmade is the idea of ​​a young Tunisian who wants to wear the colors of the far and high Tunisia. Living abroad, he felt the need and the desire to consume Tunisian. And this is where the idea for launching a platform selling Tunisian products abroad was born.

Tunisia is full of quality products and meticulous craftsmen who deserve to be known internationally. The Tunisian product, which is in great demand in several markets, has already succeeded in capturing international attention. The idea was then to offer a market place where it is possible to order and have Tunisian products delivered.

At this stage, our young entrepreneur started by detecting quality products and then came into contact with Tunisian suppliers and craftsmen. And by going to meet these craftsmen the idea only validates itself. Indeed, they feel left out in the age of the internet. Word of mouth and the physical store are no longer enough. They feel overwhelmed by new technologies. Thus, to allow them to focus on their products, TNmade is the voice and the showcase of Tunisian suppliers, craftsmen and creators.

The TNmade platform was developed to be as close as possible to the needs of Tunisian artisans. The aim of this independent platform is to establish the reputation and referencing of these companies on an international scale and thus contribute to developing their turnover.

TNMADE builds its reputation on the skills of its partners and their know-how. To present you the best products, we select our manufacturers, craftsmen and creators very rigorously.

With our technological expertise and the know-how of our craftsmen and suppliers, we offer handpicked products that do justice to an authentic heritage.

The Founder

On our platform, we managed to reconcile handmade with industrial product.

Quality is our first selection criterion.

Find a wide range of Tunisian products for sale online and delivered all over the world.

Nidhal Fekih Salem

Our partners