TNMADE uses your personal information to provide and improve its services. Here is how we use your information:

In order to manage your orders and payments, deliver your products and provide you with the appropriate services.

To prevent or detect fraudulent or abusive acts in order to protect your security.

In order to analyze our performance, with the aim of correcting errors and proposing functionalities making it possible to improve the ergonomics and the performances of our Internet sites, our products and the services which we offer to you.

To recommend features, products and services that may interest you; to identify your preferences, and thereby personalize your experience of using TNMADE, including the display of advertising messages that may interest you.

To communicate with you about TNMADE (e.g. by phone, email, chat).

We may also ask you to consent to the use of your personal information for certain specific purposes, such as carrying out studies relating to your shopping habits. In these cases, you can withdraw your consent at any time and we will end any further processing of your personal information for these purposes.